Collection: Enclade 1789

ENCELADE is the French name for Enceladus, a natural moon of Saturn, which was discovered in 1789, the year of the French Revolution. The date of the moon’s discovery was the determining factor in the choice of name for the brand, since the two cousins who founded it – also French – have revolutionised the concept of luxury accessories. Enceladus orbits Saturn within its outermost ring, the E ring. A similar ring concept has been retained in the ENCELADE brand, becoming the technical and aesthetic leitmotif across all of the collections.


The ball bearings used (between 8 and 12 for each pair of cufflinks – a record for this type of product) are among the smallest in the world. They are completely silent (a mark of extraordinary quality), with a maximum rotation capacity in the region of 150,000 revolutions per minute.

The product of more than two years of development, the final result is spectacular, with a design which has been patented in most countries of the world – a rare feat in this field. The extreme care with which these pieces are made is worthy of the Haute Horlogerie tradition, with hand-bevelled details and a polished, sanded finish.