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You can visit our SHOW ROOM at Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai Digital Park - A6 Building - Officer number 105 , P.O. Box 341311

Dubai, U.A.E.


Just send us an email to info@luxury-signature.ae 


Call us at +971 555169223 


You can visit our SHOW ROOM at Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai Digital Park - A6 Building - Officer number 105 , P.O. Box 341311

Dubai, U.A.E.

What can we do for you?

Best Quality

Luxury Signature sells ONLY original products, we select amazing, cool, and great brands around the world for our unique customers. We don't deal with FAKE OR COPY brands at all. 

Customer Care

Luxury Signature’s first priority is your happiness. If you have any problem with our products we will solve it for you. We care so much about your satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, we are here for you. Just send us an email to info@luxury-signature.ae OR call us at +971 555169223 OR you can visit our office at Dubai Digital Park - A6 Building - officer number 105


To ensure the long-term success of the brands it represents, the company’s commitments are:

  • To know the markets, trends, consumers and competition
  • Understand each brand and its positioning
  • Serve its brands with pride and its retailers with loyalty

Through its locally based office and its dedicated team in UAE, Luxury Signature applies its hands on expertise and market knowledge to maximize penetration and visibility of brands and “We aim to create a connection between the appeal of the brand and the aspiration of the customer”


Our Story

Luxury Signature is a unique concept e-store that houses watches, jewelry, accessories, art pieces, luxury goods, and home accessories where people who appreciate a luxurious lifestyle can buy and enjoy the beauty of unique products.

Today, Luxury Signature is an established and recognizable source for unique designs of watches, jewelry, accessories, goods, distinctive art, and home accessories. Artisans and designers from across the globe choose Luxury Signature as an arena to show their creation.

Instead of targeting a single category of visitors, Luxury Signature offers a distinctive shopping experience that can be appreciated by people from all walks of life. Luxury Signature’s main asset is its ability to provide both affordable and luxury items. This well-designed range of prices allows for gift purchase, personal buy, or additions to home décor and collections. This is a significant feature, as the variety in items and prices allows clients to select among various choices.

“Unique focus on luxury brands and flair for brand building”

Playing the role of a representative or agent for brands in the region, Luxury Signature optimizes the opportunities and minimizes the risks. Aware of market requirements, we ensure maximum visibility and presence of brands through services dedicated to brand development.